Small business

When you know it’s time to grow your business to the next level. You will need to implement new strategies and leverage technologies to accomplish this.

email support

Email Support

Managing email is very important as this is one of the main form of communication with your clients. We will guide you through the process from building an email server to managing emails. Best email hosting providers online that we recommend are Zoho, Rackspace, and Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials.

remote desktop access

Remote Desktop Access

Being able to manage or connect to your computers or servers remotely is essential to be efficient and effective. We support RDP so that you’ll be able to access your work computer securely from home or when traveling. We will assist in creating an remote desktop server and as well as testing it with client.

DaaS and SaaS Support​

DaaS and SaaS Support

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) & Software as a Service (SaaS) are cloud computing services that are widely used now as it is cost effective. Indicate what type of services you would like to migrate on the cloud. Common DaaS services are Amazon Workspace and Citrix XenDesktop. Common SaaS services are Google Apps and Amazon Web services.

network management services

Network Management

Our network engineers uses network management system to monitor and handle operations. We monitor performance, detect devices, analyze performance and enable notifications. Common tools used are Solarwinds Network Performance, Nagios Network Analyzer, and Spiceworks Network Monitor. 

Website Backups​

Website Backups

It is essential to make backups of your website. It’s an important part of regular site maintenance. By keeping regular backups, you ensure that you have a way to bring your website back without having to rebuild it from scratch and less downtime for your business.