In early stages of your start-up, building your brand and customer acquisition is the most challenging part. We can help you through your journey by our most popular start-up services that we offer.

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Strategic Planning

We will assist in determining exactly where your organization is going over the next few years and how it’s going to get there using technologies. We’ll help create a systematic way to develop a course and direction for your company. It will include the following: Your mission, vision and value statements; Budget and operating plans for technologies

digital agency calgary

Digital Marketing

Gain high quality leads in today’s competitive market by exposing your business or brand in the digital world. Generate quality traffic by targeting your audience through online campaigns. Our proven strategic planning helps small businesses increase their growth drastically by boosting audience engagements, branding and profits.

social media management

Social Media Management

Social presence is the new way of exposing your brand online. We follow the three major social media disciplines (Triple S LAE): Social Listening, Social Analytics and Social Engagement. We manage your targeted audience by listening and gathering information of what is being spoken about your brand.

web and graphic design

Web & Graphic Design

Reach and influence your audience with an amazing website that will tell your story. Differentiate your business with your competitors by creating a dynamic and irresistible website that stands out among the rest. Our IT department can create a server from scratch and build your website from the ground up. We provide our clients with exceptional support to produce an online presence that is not only visually-attractive, but will increase new leads and brand awareness.

digital agency calgary

ROI of Technologies

Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of what technologies to use when starting out your business.  ROI (return on investment) is a widely used measure to compare the effectiveness of IT systems investments. It is commonly used to justify IT projects, but can measure project returns at any stage and be used to evaluate project team performance and other relevant factors. We will go through with you the ROI of technology that is needed for your start-up business.